Friday, September 13, 2013

Some old memories of ABVP JNU.

JNU students would not allow a separatist 
to come to the campus and give sermons 
on taking out Kashmir from India and merge
with pakistan just because of religion. Syed
Geelani was the man who brain washed the
suicide bombers but such act could not
be proved technically.

Daily Pioneer 18th august 2004

ABVP has always been demonized for
breaking law. Does stopping a Parliament
attacker, who was let off on technical ground,
is anti national act or calling such people
to Government funded JNU for speech on
Kashmir Struggle which is nothing else but
a form of Jehad.

Times of India 18th August 2004

The Hindu has been a leftist Rag for pushing the propaganda of anti national left. They have kept lying and supporting the anti nationals in the name of liberalism. In This news clip, they have been caught lying here and peddling their lies. Check the third paragraph of below shown clip where it tells us that Geelani was not in the Car. to Find the truth, we will check the next clipping. 

The Hindu 18th August 2004

The Indian Express claims that ABVP 'stones' the Black scorpio of Nandita Haskar but won't show the stone damages on her car but one rag proved another Rag wrong. See how, The Hindu says that Geelani was not in the Car but Indian Express show how he was hiding in back seat of the Car. See how Geelani 'The Freedom Fighter' is hiding like a Rat.

Indian Express 18th August

JNU show caused around 15 students for the incident. Nobody was physically hurt. ABVP did slogan shouting and pushed the Car and blocked the path so that 'The kashmiri Terrorist' could not enter JNU for his anti India 'lecture'.

JNU Notice

Vande Mataram.

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Sunday, August 25, 2013

Half cooked Hindutva of BJP.

In the last days of NDA government, Atal ji was quite convinced that he did enough for development of India and being a true Nationalist, he felt that Muslims should also be brought on board. He actually increased the annual budget and number of seats for Haj. A Bhaichara committee was made and Muslim intellectuals were given task to convince the Muslim voters. The situation seemed so favorable that few Muslim leaders like Nazma Heptullah joined BJP considering it as greener pasture. But the results proved that for Muslims, fear psychosis of Hindutva was more of an issue than development done by BJP.

Now let’s come to 2014. Narendra Modi worked for development of Gujarat for 11 years and now time has arrived to convince Muslims about his secular credentials. Many Muslims are joining BJP. JUH chief is praising Modi, whenever a Muslim writes one phrase in praise of Modi, he gets a big round of applause. All this reminds me of 2004. And I am afraid if this race to be 'secular than thou' back fires.

Modi may not have participated in 2002 riots, there are no proofs but 2003 elections of Gujarat were not won on the agenda of Development but Hindu ashmita. Modi became poster boy of Hindutva by talking about Hindus and many obvious but politically incorrect statements came. ‘Hum 5 hamare 25' this was not used by him for aliens but for muslims. His election speeches used to make the crowd go mad for him and he had a clean sweep in the election. The Hindutva poster boy who was being seen as a strong leader who could save the hindus from repeated attacks. Gujarat is a place where muslims used to start rioting even if temple bells disturbed their evening Namaz. 

More the riots happened more the hindus' wish for a strong Hindu leader got stronger. Even if Modi did his job as CM of Gujarat, he was seen as a leader who let the hindus take revenge for the Godhra train burning and many more events of the past. This image of Modi gave him a strong mandate and a state where more than 5 lakh people participated in the riots, He became the supreme leader. Now if we choose a path, it always has it,'s benefits and it's drawbacks as well. If the Hindutva poster boy image can be used to win an election authoritatively then Modi has to carry the baggage of the perception that was created for him.

Riots are not something that happened only in Gujarat or it happened for the first time but one thing is sure that Gujarat made it clear that arson done by muslims won't be pardoned any more.
Muslims of Gujarat understood that cohabitation is the only choice and violence is not the solution as it won't intimidate other people anymore.

Till now everything was ok, Narendra Modi was facing the secular brigade with singular agenda to demonize him. The more he was demonized, more he got fans. This led to a very dangerous change in the life of Hindu poster boy. In place of talking for those Hindus in distress in Kerala; assam, bengal, hyderabad and many such places, he started to be given a makeover to be the PM of India. To be a PM of India, the rule of the political game says that he must be secular and have universal(Read America) acceptance. Definitely he is a a great orator, he is one of the best administrators to rule an Indian state. But first of all his path that he chose, was of a Hindu poster boy. 

If this craving for secular tag won't come, he would have led the Hindutva movement and development of the country on parallel tracks. BJP came to 80 seats from 2 seats not on the issue of development alone but Hindutva. The fire in every hindu's heart is burning to break the shackles of 1000's of years of suppression and slavery and BJP used this fire to reignite it's political mashal. It is a fact that any Prime minister of India should be accepted in all sections of society and this is why Vajpayee who wasn't present at the manch of KAR SEVA in Ayodhya to shout slogans 'ek dhakka aur do, Babri Masjid tod do', became the prime minister of India. Every organization needs different sets of people. Politics is the only domain where dove is projected to the masses and hawk remains in the back seat to control the show. Advani could bring BJP to such heights but could not bring himself close to electoral victory. The reason is simple, He chose the path of Hawk, the day he mounted on the Rathyatra for Ram Mandir in Ayodhya. 

Midterm course correction only shows lack of commitment and courage in a leader. Once the path is chosen, he should continue to be firm on it. Hope Narendra Modi will understand that when his propaganda machinery churns out news like muslim corporators coming to BJP it doesn't make any difference. We know that Modi is a great administrator but as he said minimum governance is the key, the people are industrious enough to develop our nation. Most of the leaders can't be near to Modi if we talk about administration but don't let this hamper the larger goal. 

Many people are confused that Hindutva will bring fanaticism but they don't know that Hindutva is needed to wake up the lion sleeping in every hindu so that he can stand up to any sort of injustice happening in the society. 

Hindutva is not political Hinduism, it is a way to wake the soldier in every Hindu so that he can fight for the down trodden against the Caste system that divides India anymore and no woman is forced for female foeticide. We need leaders who can stand up to lead the march towards the goal of Hindutva. There is news that Modi would contest from Lucknow. What will his campaign speeches consist of? I have heard his speeches several times but development is good to be done, boring to hear again and again. Boasting about Gujarat capacity to produce milk or electricity cannot be used in every speech. 

Modi should continue his path of Hindutva poster boy and continue the baton from where advani left. The unfinished task of building the Ram mandir at ayodhya should be the election manifesto and let the Hindus of India vote of a development model with hindutva as its base. It will affect UP, Uttarakhand, Bihar, Madhya pradesh, Gujarat, Haryana, Punjab and many more states in favor of BJP. The dream of a BJP run government will come true. India is a secular nation but it doesn't mean that hindus should suffer to retain secularism. Ram Mandir is not a religious issue but it is a symbol of revival. 500 years back, a Mughal emperor destroyed a hindu temple in the most revered site for Hindus to show the might of islam (quwat-ul-islam) and it will be written in the history books that this might of an invader was crushed after 500 years. This is how history should be told. We were enslaved but after several centuries we turned the tide.
Pseudo Secular (read opportunist) media has created a perception that Hindutva can't bring BJP into power. . Only ideology based development can be good for nation or we will end up having people craving for money and money only.
We don't need to follow the western model of development. It is not obligatory. We can always follow our own model in which every village is a self dependent unit. Prosperity is not judged by refrigerator in house, but the social values in our society.

Let’s make this dream come true.

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Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Are you a Gay!

This era certainly belongs to the set of people who are always ‘politically correct’. Today, everybody is compelled to clarify his/her stand on host of global topics, just to remain relevant in the society. For eg: If you do not know what LGBT stands for, you are considered to be extremely ignorant.

The compelling need to take up stance on these relevant issues has brought out the politician in each one of us. In a private conversation we might be more candid about certain issues. But, taking stance on certain issues just to be accepted by your peers is what we see more important. Such situations are mainly applicable to politicians who remain as mirror of the society and talk only what the majority wants to hear.

As we see how politicians portray themselves to be very different from what they really are. This feeling of being seen and judged according to our views, makes us feel important as if our views will be quoted and used where as in reality, however outrageous our views may be, we are nothing more than dust particles in the huge system and our views won't be examined and we won’t have to face such repercussions that we get affected. We live in an illusion of being under the gaze but it is not at all true. And what is the benefit of having double views just for the sake of peer pressure. One set of view for public image and another for private conversations is what makes us hypocrite.

The moment you support an idea that is new or not acceptable to the majority, you may face attacks, personal and ideological. Your sanity may be questioned too. Now the question is, the people who criticize you, aren't they the bigger bigots? I present you my humble opinion why I feel so.

definition in Oxford dictionary
If you use simple words like 'perversion' for gays, you will be called homophobic, where as classical definition of perversion is simply something that diverts from regular practice. It is offensive only when the liberal considers it offensive. Being gay is definitely not the norm of the society as it doesn't go along with the law of nature where union of opposite sex is to reproduce. This is why Gay sex cannot be seen as a natural phenomenon. That is another thing that they should not be attacked or harmed physically or mentally and that much of individual freedom of choice should remain in society.

Let’s take an example. Someone calls you 'gay' and you immediately accuse him of being homophobic. But isn't it true that you are getting offended if someone calls you gay and by your own reaction you define 'gay' as inferior or offensive. So now who is homophobic you or the person who used it.

Every word, be it Negro, black, gay, lesbian, chinki, bihari, mallu, chamaar, madrassi etc., These words literally don't have anything offensive in it. But it is our prejudice that makes them politically incorrect. If someone calls me a chamaar, I get offended and call him/her a casteist etc, I am actually ignoring that chamaar is merely a word that signifies cobbler; it is we who have made this occupation inferior. Otherwise What is wrong in being a chamaar, isn't chamaar more important than a brahmin when we need shoes to protect our feet? Then who are we to decide that this is an inferior job, why does chamaar become a gaali and calling a brahmin or a rajput doesn't? It is our prejudice that makes it defined that way.

Subramanian Swamy tweeted that CRTs are queer. Immediate response of all the politically correct people was that they don't agree with him and called him homophobic, now tell me who made 'queer' derogatory, Swamy only  or the people who actually got offended are also sharing the deed? Why did they get offended for being called gay? Is being gay inferior? If so then the people who shouted against Swamy are bigger homophobic. If people stop getting offended and don’t mind if someone calls one gay, then will it be seen in same way?

Someone said, 'a Negro killed a British soldier' and outrage was not for the death of a human being but for use of racial term for the culprit being racially abused. Origin of the word ‘negro’ is Spanish which means black, so what is wrong if someone talks about color of skin, if one gets offended because someone called you black, then, it is you who has a prejudiced mind and you take it as an offence. Otherwise, black is beautiful. Living in Africa, I have heard many slangs for 'white', living in Delhi, have heard many more for Biharis but if we start getting offended, then it simply shows our inferiority complex. In place of fighting against use of certain words, we should fight against this prejudiced mind set wherein we judge people and decide who are superior and who are inferior, slangs will remain in the society but the offence hidden in it will disappear.

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NOTE: Written to fight with Insomnia. Proof reading done by .Baba Shivananda Maharaj ji

Thursday, May 9, 2013

Can Congress be defeated!!!

The rules of the great Indian political game were decided by Congress when India got independence. Congress being the oldest party and having ruled India for maximum number of years penetrated the Indian system so deeply that any other political organization attempting to enter in that 'holy' space has to face hurdles at every step. This system allows congress to commit any blunder and go away with it but even if a minor mistake is committed by opposition to congress, they are admonished to such extent that they lose the political acumen needed to rule a diverse nation like India. 

Best example would be fall of BJP state government of Delhi in 1998 just because of sky rocketing prices of onion, yes just an onion can make you cry. High inflation rates and prices of every commodity were going out of the reach of the people and still congress won in 2009 with better margin. So the question is why Congress wins in spite of such things, the answer is ‘System is run by Congress’. 

Congress is not just a political party but it is a phenomenon which can fit into one ideology and that is ‘opportunism’. In any society opportunist class has always more chances to gather strength as this class is ready to change position at drop of a hat. This is the reason, congress claims itself to be secular and still presides over several riots and nobody tags their leaders as mass murderers, defies court order and prefers to go with Islamists in place of a 80 years old ShahBano. The same intellectual class praises Rajeev Gandhi as Vikash Purush but writes tons of papers about Modi ‘the mass murderer’.

If you dream of an India which should be in the league of world super powers and fire of nationalism burns in your heart then you must defeat congress.  congress is not a party but a moth that will hollow the nation to its core.
Question that should be answered before finding the way to defeat congress is ‘Can congress be defeated’?

Yes it can be defeated and sent into political oblivion but it is easy said than done. It is a party which can get support of any political party, left, right and centre and still sustain its vote bank. Its presidential candidate Pranab Mukherjee can be supported by Shiv Sena and still remain a secular choice, its Government can have support from Muslim organizations known for their separatist views and still remain secular. In summary congress can get breathing space anywhere it wants and sustain itself politically. It is like a chameleon which can change colors according to the needs and that is the basic reason for survival of congress for so long in the polity of India. One Indira is assassinated another Rajiv takes over and makes record of winning 2/3 rd majority in parliament. One Rajiv is assassinated another Sonia can be used to revive congress.

But in present scenario Gandhi family has become a tool which can be utilized to fool the people of India and while they remain as the political face of congress, the coterie continues to profit. When we see Rahul Gandhi and his antics, doesn’t he seem like a reluctant puppet that is being forced by his puppeteers to dance on their tune? When he goes to huts of dalit families to have food purchased from haldiram’s just for the sake of photo session, does he look natural at all? Doing something on his own? I don’t think so.

how we can defeat congress, Firstly we have to know the adversary and It is not Rahul Gandhi but the congress phenomenon. It can be only defeated by offering a different option to the people which should be based on ‘over all development for all and appeasement for none’ policy and a feeling of pride of being citizen of a world power.
Opportunist class has one very basic drawback and that is mediocrity. Sibbal could never become HRD minister with ‘zero loss’ IQ if he was in BJP or Renuka Chaudhary could never be called even a state level leader in BJP. The reason is that congress has a lot of mediocre space to fill up. No Manmohan Singh could become PM of India if it was a BJP government. So mediocres get solace in congress, people who need political support to advance in life will always prefer congress over BJP. Only those people who are self made, earning their livelihood without any support will think of infrastructure development or a strong army or an educated society.
No Sagarika Ghosh would sustain as a journalist if she would support nationalist ideology. No Ram Guha would become renowned historian by writing books if his approach was nationalist, No Pratibha patil would become President of India by taking care of Indira’s Kitchen. So the point is that mediocre people in search of crèches find congress as a right place. And please don’t try to convince these people as they know that their priorities are different and they just pretend to be asleep when the nation is being looted. You can never win a debate with an opportunist as his logics don’t need to be logical. This is why, Modi needs to give figures and facts in his speeches but Rahul can be applauded even if he says ‘India me computer kaun laya’. 

The biggest example of mediocrity in recent times can be none other than Rahul Gandhi. Could Rahul become Youth Icon if he was in BJP or his name was Rahul Vinci in the popular perception? The Answer is a big ‘NO’. This is what we need to aim at..Our adversary is this mediocre but opportunist phenomenon.
Only those people are able to be part of the nationalist phenomenon,  who have guts to swim against the current and can sacrifice pleasures of opportunism.

To find ways to make the nationalist forces victorious, we need people who don’t see politics as a ladder for personal agendas but they find happiness when India grows, those people whose eyes get wet hearing the national anthem of India, whose heart cry when a soldier dies on the border, those who are not ashamed of Indian history and try to revive the lost glory, The people who are ready to sacrifice for the nation and the people who get agitated when a bomb blast occurs. These are people who want nationalist ideas to become main stream. People who dream of India as a nation with equal rights for all and appeasement of none.

What should be the path so that nationalism gets over opportunism?
It happened last in 1999 when AB Vajpayee defeated the congress  and created several bench marks, India became a nuclear power, we sustained growth rate of 8 percent and crossed the Rubicon of third world to first world by presenting ourselves as a rising super power. BJP was convinced to get reelected and was so confident that held the elections earlier than scheduled and unexpectedly lost it to Congress.
perception vs reality
The ‘Shining India’ campaign was countered by congress as a waste of money by having bigger budget for B&W ‘aam aadmi ko kya mila’ campaign and congress successfully created the perception of no growth for ‘Aam Aadmi’.
Reason of Congress victory is a vote bank and skill to present itself as a party for poors in spite of its leaders spending hundreds of crores on Holiday trips and number of scams rising day by day.
Till now no political party has been able to challenge Congress for a long period and it has won elections after elections by using the same formula of rhetoric over proven facts.

But one party or we can say ideological group that has kept congress out of power are communists and the places are West Bengal and Tripura. Even if Communism failed as an ideology, few lessons can always be learnt from the Communists in West Bengal. What are the reasons communists kept congress away from power for 37 long years in spite of no change in the condition of life of common man? The answer is organization. The communist party has been so well organized that it is not the individual upon whom their power rests but it lies in the cadre base. The cadre base which is deep rooted and every polling booth is well represented. These cadres are no fan of political faces of party but they get directions from the organization. Polit bureau with many unelected but ideological leaders take decisions and even chief Ministers have to follow their diktats. Nobody is treated as a demigod and every cadre knows his importance.

vajpayee ji at pokhran test site
The same thing if you look for in BJP, it is missing, in spite of having a mother organization with a cadre base in hundreds of thousands and a pool of thinkers and ideologically devoted pracharaks, BJP loses opportunities so often. In spite of Vajpayee being so charismatic and having a galaxy of leaders, BJP was unable to win again and is unable to grab and sustain power. Even if it wins, it is unable to handle the power. The simple reason is over dependence on personalities.BS yedurappa brings party to power but fallacy of a single man and personal corruption  allegations put the future of BJP in Karnataka at stake.

One vasundhara raje is annoyed and BJP loses whole Rajasthan. One Kalyan Singh is sulking and Gangotri of BJP rise UP is lost. One Babulal Marandi is ousted and Jharkhand which used to be a BJP stronghold needs to be ruled in coalition. The point is simple. Over dependence upon individuals creates situations where cadres are neglected and individual worship gets stronger.

There is dependence on such individuals for whom their self ego is more important than party’s future. BJP is unable to rusticate them. In such situation, all the cadres who work tirelessly at ground level are forced to lose their morale when their hard work goes futile. The reason is ignorance of cadres’ morale. If Ground level work is done, BJP will be strong enough to challenge and defeat the Congress phenomenon. The leadership should grow from the bottom, cadre base should penetrate the society in such way that every house has a cadre who ensures that nobody of his/her family misses to vote, and knows about the development happening in BJP run states.

A cadre is not a fan boy who will vote for his hero and the moment the hero is out of scene, he will lose interest. A cadre is someone who will hold the fort in any adverse situation; Cadre is the person who will bring the ideas to every home, so that people don’t get facts distorted by Media. A disciplined cadre can sacrifice for his ideology and would be happy to go to remote areas and create new bastions of BJP. For whom Tripura would be more important than Gujarat.

A cadre should be selfless and his reasons to be part of the organization should not include government tenders which are alotted to congress supporters so that they remain loyal to congress. His soul reason should be fire inside the cadre to revive the lost glory of India. If BJP is able to make such cadres in every house, then only they can be certain to defeat congress and its opportunist class. 
once a congressi always a congressi.
If AB vajyapee who could mesmerize audiences through his wit and poetry failed to win again, any other leader cannot claim to be confident enough to defeat the nationwide congress phenomenon. Even if we take example of Gujarat, It has been a strong hold of BJP much before Narendra Modi became CM of Gujarat. He got a stable government without any compulsion of coalition parties. A state which has potential to grow and as it needed a good administrator, Narendra Modi proved himself to be an excellent administrator. But reality of Gujarat is not similar to Reality of India. The level of expectations of the fans of Modi is so high that he will have to really create a miracle to repeat the magic of Gujarat. Even if BJP comes in power, it won't be a single party Government and If BJP decides to put Modi on PM chair, he will have to learn to concede at many fronts to let the govt continue and will have to learn to handle the pressures and tantrums of Allies.

The arrogance of some BJP supporters that no Nitish is needed is just because they don't do grass root permutations and combinations. If Nitish leaves NDA just because of Modi, he will get the whole chunk of Muslim vote and when combined with his OBC votes, Nitish won't need BJP urban voters to win in 40 seats of Bihar but his 30+ seats will completely turn the situation and make BJP redundant In Bihar as it happened in UP. Nitish is just an example, BJP has gradually lost in several states, be it Orissa, UP, Jharkhand, Maharashtra and may be in Bihar in future due to over dependence upon their state level allies,. 

This trend can be stopped only by one thing and that is making the nationalist ideology as the supreme source of inspiration and not allow any individual overshadow the organization. Organization should remain supreme and the core group like a polit bureau should decide the Face of organization. Face need not be a mass leader; don't forget that Indian mass can defeat excellent leaders like Ram Naik for film actor Govinda

So electoral face can be anybody, anybody who has a good image, fits in the social engineering but the control should always remain in the hands of the core group which is invisible for the masses but source of inspiration for the cadres. Cadres should connect and feel comfortable with the core group

Take a hypothetical situation of Karnataka, if Yedurappa won't have fallen in the trap of power, he could be a national level leader who brought BJP in power. How perfect would be the situation if BJP would have put someone with no cadre support but proven administration skills in CM chair. The face of the party can be changed and organization would remain unscathed. But alas we lost a very strong leader BS yedurappa who brought BJP in power just because of unproved allegations of corruption of few crores. As it is said, Power corrupts and absolute power corrupts absolutely, so the core ideological group should remain away from vote based politics and only work among cadres, their objective should be to make ideologically strong cadres and votes can be garnered even if you project a Sachin Tendulkar but organization should take the decisions.

Once we stop falling into the trap of electoral politics and we don’t judge the leader’s strength by his wining ability, we will have a strong organization, and a cohesive force to challenge the corrupt system and change it. Till now India has not had a single Dalit PM, why don't we find a dalit face as PM candidate and mobilize the whole down trodden section in the favor of BJP. Narendra modi can get votes of BJP minded people who will vote for BJP even if candidate is Kalam or a dalit or an adivasi leader but Narendra modi won't get support of that section which doesn't vote on issue of development but identity. No dalit of UP will vote for BJP till mayawati is there, No Muslim will vote for BJP till opportunist media pumps them with the fear psychosis of anti Muslim stand of BJP. Organization can always be run by core group which should have clear ideological aims. Who doesn't need to sacrifice with ideology for sake of position? Advani won't have lost respect of many cadres if he had not dropped the demand of Ram temple for accommodating the allies and to increase his acceptance among masses. 

I fear the same thing will happen if Modi has to compromise on certain values just to remain in power and this is a dangerous situation when the cadre loses the confidence. If masses lose confidence on face of the party, he can be replaced. Congress is doing the same, MMS can be used and thrown whenever the need. Congress uses the ‘CHEHRA’ to loot the nation and we should use the ‘CHEHRA’ to push our goal of nation's development but development along with revival of our lost values.

The leaders who have sacrificed official posts have always got more respect in our society. I don’t mean any disrespect to any leader by putting these leaders in same paragraph but Mahatma Gandhi, Jaiprakash Narayan, Martin Luther King, Che Guevara have one thing in common. They never accepted any official post and it definitely played a very important role how world perceives them. No Mumbai would have stopped  at his funeral if Bal Thakrey would have become CM of Maharastra.

Leaders like Narendra Modi who energizes the cadres and power is not corrupting them, such leaders should take the back seat and play the role of puppeteer. They should play the role of auditors of the development work done by the faces of the party. A leader who gets out of electoral politics and enters the core group should take it as an honor. This is the way we can keep BJP clean of opportunists and get closer to our goal. VANDE MATARAM.

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Thursday, March 21, 2013

What should be done to stop Hindutva!

This structure was not empty in past.
Many 'secular' friends believe that Hindutva is fascist face of Hinduism. To a very small extent they have got reasons to say so. The most important reason is a recent perception about Hinduism that it is non violent to its core and to boast of this great virtue, people claim that India has never invaded any country in thousands of years and status quo should be maintained. Indians got independence through non violence of Gandhi so it is a very potent weapon to fight the enemy with!

Now the question is if Hindutva is fascist and promotes violence and blood bath in the society the secular class must find the reason why it is growing in the society and what should be done to challenge it.

broken statue in Bangladesh
Hindus have realized that their non violence has not been strong enough to protect them, and they need to be ready to fight if there are attacks and not to run away to save life. To fight doesn't only mean to 'shed blood' but to fight on any platform to not let anybody do injustice. So, even if you are an atheist, protect the temple of your community or your identity will be the next to be attacked. There was no need of Hindutva if our secular class and leadership had not abandoned 'Non violent' Hindu mass. There are many incidents that have forced Hindus to rethink about their policy of non violence.We should not cry over the criminal incidents of medieval ages and we can't punish someone for those crimes.  But what is expected from secular class is to acknowledge those crimes and learn from history so that such crimes are not repeated. whereas the secular class not only denied those crimes but tried to erase any available evidence. 

Arab invaders did whatever possible to break the morale of the Hindus and the modus operandi was always to destroy a temple and construct a mosque on top of it. Now what the secular class and its 'eminent historians' did? They denied such incidents and in case the evidence was glaring at them, they created ridiculous stories to justify destruction.

The point is that an invader built something not as a place of worship but to prove his might (Quwat-ul-islam). It is true Hindus couldn't save the temples at that time. But when India got independence, secular class could have convinced the Muslims of India not to choose wrong icons as their identity. These historical errors could be corrected and the temples could be reconstructed. Ayodhya, Kashi and Mathura are three locations specially known for three Hindu Gods, Ram, Shiva and Krishna, and all these three cities remind you of the Hindu oppression perpetrated by invaders who were also followers of Islam. 
Sardar Vallabh Bhai Patel was pragmatic and first thing that he did was to reconstruct Somnath temple which had a long history of being destroyed several times. India could easily correct the mistakes in Ayodhya, kashi and mathura too but presence of a mosque structure at these sites made them jittery and they backed off. this is how they  presented the symbol of Hindu oppression as holy sites for Muslims  The sites which will always remind Hindus of their slavery.

Today if someone desecrates st. Paul church at Shimla and builds a temple, I would prefer destruction of such temple and reconstruction of the church. I don't want to be seen as a oppressor and won't allow my religion to be used for such purpose. The real amity among two big communities of India could only be possible by correcting the historical mistakes. This is why Nations like Germany acknowledge the Jewish suppression done by Hitler and highlight it so that the wounds can be soothed. 

But Indian secularism failed just because it has a huge populace of opportunist people who used secularism just for profiteering and vote bank politics and never cared about Hindu-Muslim unity or a stable society with all round development. They kept these wounds alive and confused the Muslims to choose wrong representatives. This is the reason great scientists like APJ Abdul Kalam will not be a Muslim icon but Babri Masjid can touch emotions of everybody in Muslim community.

This is failure of secular class as they failed to acknowledge the problem and never tried to solve it. Hindus would have opened their coffers to construct world's largest mosque as compensation, but they merit to have their three most important holy sites to be free of such symbols of suppression.

What if an army invades mecca and destroys Kaaba and constructs some holy structure! The best solution would be to destroy that holy structure and reconstruct the Kaaba .when and in how many centuries?, does not matter. Religion and History evolve in centuries. Mughals ruled major parts of India for almost 300 years and then British replaced them. To write these two chapters of Indian history, it took more than 450 years. If some one claims that crime of 16th century does not merit a correction then you definitely lack the vision to observe history unfolding in front of you.

Advani Rath yatra for Ram Temple.
Secular class introduced politics of appeasement, vote bank and favoritism and these all aspects only led to Hindus feeling more alienated and this gave potion to Hindutva so that it could thrive in our society. If our secular leaders would not have changed the definition of secularism, would have convinced our Muslim brethren not to choose symbols of Hindu oppression as their symbol of Pride, it would have brought peace forever. To make it clear that the motive behind this correction was not bigotry, we could have built world’s largest mosque but the encroachment from the three holy sites of Hindus must be removed as they are symbols of slavery. 
old photo with statue of king George

You have seen the first picture in this post. Now check the same place with statue of King George. Why was it removed? You know the answer.

Muslims don't need to be ashamed of those crimes as they were actually the victims, the people who were forcefully converted with might of sword. They have definitely faced more oppression in the hands of those Arab invaders but the irony is that our secular class, in place of teaching the right history glorified those invaders and Tipu sultan became a savior, Aurangzeb became a kind emperor and Akbar became Akbar The great. 

Muslims of modern India were not even given enough opportunities to grow and not allow the symbols of medieval injustice become their icon but to create new symbols that represented them. Muslims of modern India were simply forced by the secular class to behave like vote banks. How would they loot if every citizen of India started to vote for development, good education, proper life and a bright future for our children? The day Muslims will realize this bluff, India will change for better. Amen.

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Monday, March 18, 2013

Bihar : An Untold Story.

Baikunth Shukla killed Phanindra Nath Ghosh in 1934 to avenge the hanging of Bhagat Singh, the person who became government witness in the Bhagat Singh case which led to his hanging. 

After 60 years, Muzaffarpur was under curfew for another Chhotan Shukla, a criminal don from Bhumihar community who was killed by Bihar police in an encounter. People in the funeral procession of Shukla clashed with Gopalganj District Magistrate G Krishnaiyah in Muzaffarpur and the mob lynched the administrator. Such was the law and order situation of Bihar in Lalu era.

After Indira Gandhi, Lalu Yadav was another politician to use murder as a political weapon. Many political adversaries were being killed. Opposition had surrendered in front of Lalu. He was using caste division as his political tool. 

Laloo would use slogans like ' Bhu-ra Baa-l' saaf karo'. It was for Bhumihar-Rajput-Brahmin-laala(kayasth).

This had encouraged the pro Lalu criminal elements to such extent that they would loot, kill and kidnap at will and no FIRs were lodged. It was the Jungle-Raj of Bihar. Kidnapping took form of a cottage industry. At that time when all the leaders abandoned anti Lalu electorate in fear, Only criminals like Anand Mohan  could dare to form Bihar peoples Party. He and his wife were the first to oppose Lalu openly. People supported him as they knew only poison could counter poison.
The jungle-Raj of Lalu and his open support to criminal acts against upper castes led to few social changes. Every Upper caste parent started to send their children out of Bihar. There were two reasons. First the children could get better education as the universities of Bihar had become arena of gang wars. whenever Gangs would need more members, They would come to university hostels. Second, To protect them from being kidnapped for ransom. This created a whole generation of Bihari youth who have lived major part of their lives outside Bihar.

Maoist violence was at its peak and Maoists used to kill upper caste peasants with impunity. Such was the Rajdharma that our CM would openly say, 'they are not our voters so we don't bother for them'. These attacks led to another development, the dominant upper castes made private militias. Ranvir sena had reach to more that 18,000 guns and every member got a salary and if someone died, their family would get a pension for whole life. Caste became an identity that could kill any time.

Caste based massacres had become a norm in Bihar. Lalu came in power by following the socialist leaders JP and Lohia but after becoming CM he became authoritarian. The reason was his confidence on his M-Y formula. Muslims had become a vote bank which was in his pocket. 
When the Rath of Advani reached Bihar, Lalu arrested Advani and stopped his campaign. This one incident made Lalu a savior of Muslims.  Being a Yadav himself, he could easily mobilize these two sections of society and even if they were weak economically, votes were with Lalu. Backwardness of these two communities was a  boon for Lalu.

Lalu divided Janata dal and made Rashtriya janata dal with symbol of lantern and brought Bihar into lantern era. Majority of the electrical power houses collapsed due to bad maintenance and industries closed down.  The real anarchy could be seen. People were suffering and farmers who had 100 of acres of land were going to Punjab, assam, calcutta, bombay, Delhi and many other places in search of job. Bihar became a labor contractor.

Gradually several leaders came forward to challenge Lalu. BJP had bania votes and as congress grew weaker, the upper caste votes also shifted towards BJP. JDU with several OBC leaders attracted non yadav OBC votes. T.N Sheshan played an important role by controlling booth capturing and many other electoral malpractices by bringing Punjab police on election duty which had no roots in Bihar and could remain above the caste consciousness.

After almost 15 years of Jungle Raj, Nobody had big expectations with BJP-JDU combine. Biharis wanted only one thing and that was  to control the criminals. Nitish govt controlled kidnappings and many criminals were sent to jail. Biharis could make Bihar developed by themselves. Government had one job to do and that was to give protection. For those who have never been to Bihar, Movies like Onkara, Pan Singh Tomar are good fiction stories but it can be lived in many villages of Bihar.

Industries collapsed in Lalu raj as industrialists could not do business in Bihar. Suta patti, Asia's biggest cotton market based in Muzaffarpur which had a big community of Marwaris, they all shifted to Gujarat. If someone says that Bihar exports poor,  he must acknowledge that Bihar exports industrialists too,

King Mahendra, richest MP in present parliament is from Bihar but his whole business setup is in Maharastra.

Biharis have always been a strong agricultural labor force and this is the reason Mauritius has bhojpuri as its second language. British exported this labor force to many parts of  the world. 
The sorrow of Bihar Kosi River is an uncontrolled rage which has left no option to the farmers of Bihar but to witness the destruction of their homes and to sit on a high ground and wait for some helicopter which comes to throw food packets. Almost every year, floods destroy unimaginable hectares of standing crops and force the village folk to migrate to other states. This can be controlled by constructing dam which is only possible on the Nepal side and by linking the rivers.

Nitish era brought some respite to people but as power comes, Leaders start to get authoritative and this is happening with Nitish. Earlier he used to appease Muslims to confuse them so that they didn't vote to lalu en masse. This is the reason he ensured the absence of Narendra Modi in electoral campaigns in 2009 and it was a clean sweep for NDA. Now he is trying to make OBC-Muslim combo so that he can dump the upper castes and still remain in power. 

In 2009 General elections, Gujarat, BJP fortress and having presence of Narendra Modi, gave 15 seats to BJP and congress could manage 11 seats. In Bihar, BJP+ got 32, lalu 4 and congress 2 seats. If BJP managers keep this in mind, They will understand how important is this flood prone area where 3 lakh hectares of land was under 6-10 feet flood water in 2008 

If Modi wants to lead the electoral campaign, he should understand that he will never be seen as a secular leader. His USP is Hindutva and he can bring BJP to power by making Hindutva supported with development as an election issue. By promising the People of Ram temple in ayodhya and overall development, BJP can win with absolute majority. 

Don't forget that BJP had 2 seats and Advani brought it to 80 seats by the rath yatra of Ayodhya. Modi should lift the baton left by Advani and bring BJP to absolute power. In UP, Bihar or any other state, you can take vote in the name of Mandal or kamandal but let me tell you. The development is invisible when the state is under 10 feet of flood water. 

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Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Hindutva :Militarization of Hindus

The word 'Hindutva' could be one of the most abused and misinterpreted term in India. Some people find it mirror image of an Islamist Sharia state, some believe it as a narrow interpretation of Hinduism by Hindu extremist class, some believe it as a dangerous cult which is ready to riot and divide India, some believe that Hindus want to have political power through Hindutva, as they think that it can unite Hindus to vote on issues closer to Hindu religion and some believe it as a reactionary force which rejects the appeasement policies of secular class and came into existence due to failure of secular forces.

All above interpretations have merit to a small extent but Hindutva can't be fixed in their frame and has its own space.
Similarly Indian Secular elite have given new dimensions to the word 'secularism'. Secularism has become a shield which can be used to defend the indefensible. It is some sort of Master key that opens doors to anywhere. A conman can parrot the secular mantra 100 times a day and his misdeeds will be not only ignored but he will be presented as a victim. 

journalist cum lobbyist Barkha replies to Nilim
Take recent example of Nilim Datta who is in prison for cheating people. The man could deny gravity with his moronic logics and such strong was his secular shield that several central ministers love to be in his company. Shashi Tharoor who could be UN chief from India, follows Nilim datta on twitter, thank God We were saved of this horror of seeing Tharoor as UN chief otherwise to show himself as 'secular' he could even deny death of our soldiers and would be suggesting for liberation of his In Laws' home. Secularism is the panacea for any ailment and this is the reason mediocre love to boast of secularism that is another thing that they won't be able to defend Indian secularism at all and will always cry foul to divert the question.
Now when mediocre class abuses you for taking a path then be sure that you are going in right direction and this is the case with Hindutva.

Shashi tharoor following a conman on twitter

I have heard many definitions of Hindutva professed by Organizations like RSS and others and no fix explanation can be given.

Majority of the people believe that Hindutva is political face of Hinduism. This is the most common misconception about RSS or any other parallel group promoting Hindutva.
For what I understand, Hindutva deals with only one dimension of Hinduism and that is to work for Militarization of Hindus. It doesn't mean that people are being armed and being given military training but making them ready to fight back in case of threat. This view can be applied to any persecuted community be it, shias, Ahmadis, Hindus of Pakistan and Bangladesh or the Copts of Egypt or Jews of the world..

Now the question is why militarization is needed? To know the answer, we should go back in the history.
Hindus who used to have an armed vigilant society lost the courage to fight back due to continuous suppression for almost 800 years and compromise became a part of life. It’s a religion which has no God without a weapon in Hand. A religion which has hundreds of scriptures including Ramayana and Mahabharata which glorifies death occurred in battle field. Bhagvad Geeta was dictated by Lord Krishna in the battle field of Kurukshetra to motivate Arjuna so that he could kill his own cousins for his right to rule.  A religion with such roots got alienated from the very idea of Hinduism and forgot that ultimate peace can only be attained by having an armed society which can fight back if need be. The extreme of this alienation could be seen in the rise of Mahatma Gandhi. Hindus who used to worship Durga to seek power, Hindus who used to do Shastra pooja when weapons are worshiped, they agreed with Gandhi and his non violent principles which included the two cheek theory. 

A Land with Hindu majority was ruled by Muslim invaders for more than 800 years and the Hindu warrior class whose duty was to fight back, chose to compromise and gave their daughters to Arab invaders in marriages. Harems of Mughal emperors contained more than 5000 women who were picked to satisfy the sexual urge of Mughals. You can imagine a society where a king treats women as prostitutes and these women could not find a savior but to dismay of the citizens, other Hindu kings followed similar path and started to keep harems. 
Hindutva works to change this suicidal mindset and works for revival of the military culture of Hindus so that when they are threatened, they don't run away to save life but fight back. Until and unless ‘power to retaliate’ is not revived the massacres of Hindus will continue in Bangladesh, Pakistan and many parts of India. Hindus will be treated as a helpless mass which can be beaten, burnt and raped without any fear of repercussion. Hindutva deals only with this aspect of Hinduism. Politics is far away from Hindutva. Political power was never a goal of Hindutva but only one of the tools to get closer to the target of militarization of Hindus. BJP is not the trunk of the RSS tree but one of the hundreds of stems. In fact RSS doesn't get muddled in politics and gives its cadres and supporters free will to choose their political leaders. For example this can be seen in Orissa where RSS works in every single tribal village and still BJD Has absolute majority. 

Hindutva is one of the most abused terms by different sections due to different reasons. The secular class has sole reason that is its mediocrity and opportunism. Chanting secular mantras let them grab opportunities without merit and cover their mediocre traits. Muslims abuse it due to 2 reasons.  As It denies them their superiority complex and denies their claim of being ancestors of the Muslim invaders who ruled India for 800 years.
Massacres of vast scale have happened in India in almost every period. Be it Feroz Shah tuglaq, be it Shahjahan, be it Aurangzeb or be it Mohammed Ali Jinnah, they have all used massacres to assert their right to rule. In India, its Hindu majority has been killed even for reasons like ringing temple bells at the time of Namaz or if they tried to protect their women f or they denied paying zajia tax. Yes you might be surprised but Hindus have paid zazia tax to buy peace in their own land. This continuous persecution made Hindus so weak at heart that major massacres of Noakhali could happen; Jinnah could openly challenge India of direct action day and open use of terror to get what he wanted. The elite class Muslims due to their superiority complex, even though lesser in number could never accept to be ruled by a Hindu. This is the reason why Jinnah called for direct action day and thousands of Hindus died and nobody could return back the favor to Jinnah and his Islamic murderers. These chapters of history which were suppressed by the secular class of for the sake of power could not be erased in entirety. There is a very important question which we can ask; why Gujarat riots are so much painful for the Muslim leadership where as 100's of riots has occurred in India. 

Why don't they cry for Noakhali or riots that have occurred in Gujarat earlier? The reason is very simple. Earlier riots where led by Muslims and Hindus were on defensive side. This is the mindset that gave enough confidence to Muslim mob of Godhra to dare to burn a whole compartment full of 59 Hindu pilgrims. They had no fear of repercussion; they had taken Hindus for granted. They could not imagine that Hindus will return the favor. Riots started after that, and Ruler of Gujarat had enough grace to let the families get the charred bodies and do the last rites which won't have happened in a secular government. They would have dumped the bodies in some pit and covered the whole story as some alien attack. This is the reason Gujarat riot is so painful for Indian Islamists. They got the message that Hindus won't remain silent anymore and every attack of violence will have its repercussions. This balance of terror is the reason, Gujarat had 11 years of pin drop silence on the riot meter and no local Muslim has tried to blast a bomb. The feeling of superiority complex has evaporated and Muslims have learned the art of cohabitation.  
In modern civics lessons, Gujarat riots will be seen as a crime against Humanity but when history will be written after 500 years, Gujarat riots will be shown as a turning point from where Hindus learnt to retaliate, no doubt the retaliation had several incidents of rapes and killing of children and women which tarnished Hindutva but don't forget that many criminals and congressis profited from the situation and participated in the riots to loot. 

Babri Masjid demolition won't be shown as a criminal act but it will be a historical turning point for how Hindus could capture back their lost land by reconstructing the Ram Temple after almost 600 years. This is result of Militarization of Hindus. If you believe it should be stopped, Go ask a Kashmiri Pandit or an Egyptian Copt, how secularism has helped them and how the lack of courage to fight back has left them as refugees in their own country. Once that ice of inferiority is broken, India will be respected. 

As Ramdhari Singh DInkar has written, 

"Kshama shobhti us bhujang ko 

jiske pass garal ho

Usko kya jo dant-heen, vishrahit 

vineet saral ho"

You have right to pardon someone only when you have courage and strength to punish someone. A snake which has no poison is smashed by stones.

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